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Accommodation & Services

     Domo - Affittacamere


Via Principe Di Piemonte 6

09032 Assemini (CA)

Sardinia, Italy

Mobile: +39 3479387704



A few km from Cagliari, Villa Mostallino is an ancient residence in the heart of Assemini town, best known for the tradition of ceramics.

The house, which overlooks the churches of San Pietro and San Giovanni, has been renovated in full compliance with the architectural statutes and the style of the original construction dating back to the mid-1800s: large bright rooms, completed with the furniture of the time, and a beautiful internal courtyard, once a workplace with stables for horses and today a "loggia" embellished with elegant columns, a pleasant shaded meeting place to sip an aperitif.

Staying here means rediscovering the history of the Mostallino family. That of two young lovers, Basilio and Maddalena, who in their early twenties decided to make a family whose history began in 1914, as the date engraved on the front door shows you.

The house was filled with joy with the arrival of Eligio and his four sisters. Laughter echoed in the corridors with floors designed with coloured chessboards, mingled with the crackle of the stone hearth on which Maddalena prepared the pea omelette with her special ingredient, a sprinkling of sugar. And then the intense aroma of quince jam that spread everywhere joining with that of fresh flowers that never failed. The house was simple and cheerful, its heart beating in unison with that of its inhabitants and the old pendulum who danced with the hours while the sewing machine chased the rhythm.

Happiness, however, turned its back on them. Basilio had an unfortunate feast of grapes during a village festival. He left her, loving and generous, alone with 5 children but, strong and determined, she transformed the house for it to always feel alive, now with the school children who were teaching in one of the rooms, now with the coming and going of those who bought the products fresh from the work of the neighbouring fields.

The villa was inherited by Eligio, known as Ignazio, who after the war, overcoming the family's reluctance, married the stubborn Gina and, together, by landowners as they were, they carried on the family tradition of selling the products of their fields. They had three children and it was once again a Basilio who took care of his beloved villa, and together with his daughter Anna Maria, today he restored the beauty lost over time.

 Staying here means finding the signs of feelings, of the heartfelt devotion to the Virgin Mary by the women of the family, and of the great commitment of the many lives that lived here. If you choose Villa Mostallino, get ready for an experience beyond time.




Free Wifi


Meeting Rooms

TV and Reading Rooms



Free Parking 


Baby Cot

Baby cots are available

upon request.


Take-away available.

A delicious Italian breakfast delivered to your room from our associated cafe upon request.

Luggage storage

Check-in: from 14:00

Check-out: by 10:00

Please give us your arrival

time in advance.

No pets

                       No smoking in rooms





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